Tooth-Friendly Ideas for Your Child’s Easter Basket

It’s that time of year again: In many households, the Easter bunny will come hopping into their home to leave behind a basket of candy and springtime treats. If this is part of your family tradition, you might be wondering how to make your child’s Easter basket a bit more tooth-friendly. Here are some ideas on how to avoid giving your kids baskets filled with chewy, sugary candy that could cause cavities.

Think Spring

This year, Easter is late enough that it should be warm in most places. After a chilly winter, your kids might be itching to get outside! Think about the types of activities they enjoy, and pick out outdoor toys that they will be able to play with. Some classics include sidewalk chalk, bubbles, new tassels for a bicycle, or a new Frisbee.

If your child is active in any spring sports, this might be the perfect time to pick up tennis balls, a new baseball mitt, or some soccer cleats.

Think Tooth Health

You can really boost your Easter basket tooth-friendliness by stocking up on some dental health care products. Try some sparkly children’s toothpaste or a new toothbrush. Maybe your child would like a spinning toothbrush featuring a favorite character. Your sporty child could probably use a mouthguard, so you could buy one of these, too.

Choose Candy Wisely

While you could fill up Easter eggs with stickers, coins, and other small non-edible items, most kids will feel disappointed if there’s no candy included at all. Go for the type that melts away easily and doesn’t stick to teeth. Chocolate is better than marshmallow chicks, for example. But even if you do splurge on some chewy, tooth-unfriendly candy this Easter, you can mitigate the damage by insisting on good oral hygiene practices. Make sure your kids are brushing and flossing well, and limit their sweets to one or two sittings per day so they’re not bathing their teeth in sugar every couple of hours.

If your child is due for a dental cleaning, a week or two after Easter is a great time to schedule it! Give us a call to schedule your child’s appointment.

Creative Commons image by Jim Moore