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There are two types of tooth extractions, simple and surgical. A simple tooth extraction is where a tooth is removed without bone having to be removed and/or the tooth having to be sectioned with a hand piece (drill). If a surgical extraction is performed, it is sometimes necessary to place sutures (stitches).

The main reason you have bone in your jaws is because of the existence of the roots of your teeth. Once the root of the tooth is removed, the bone starts to go away. Oftentimes, when we take a tooth out, we place a bone graft following the removal of the tooth. This simple procedure involves placing a small portion of bone that has been sterilized many times in the extraction site. Your body will then use this bone as a scaffold to make its own dense, quality bone at the site of the extraction. If a bone graft is not placed, a large volume of tissue in addition to bone can fill in the extraction site. This is very important for a couple of reasons:

  • if you want an implant to replace the tooth, you need dense, quality bone for the implant. If you do not have a bone graft completed at the time of the extraction, and decide later on to have an implant placed, the grafting that needs to be done may be much more involved.
  • if you decide later on that you want to have a bridge to replace the tooth rather than an implant, the bone graft helps to support the false tooth in the bridge.