Dental Habits to Avoid

You probably have some good dental habits that you are proud to tell your dentist: You brush twice daily, floss each night, and schedule your routine dental cleanings. You might, however have some habits that are not so good for your oral health. Read through this list of dental habits that do more harm than good and see if you can find a way to stop.


You already know that smoking is bad for your overall health; it’s also bad for your dental health. From tooth discoloration and halitosis to gum disease and even oral cancer, smoking can cause a wide range of issues. There are various medications and products that can help you quit. Talk to your dentist or doctor about how you might be able to kick this bad habit.

Clenching and Grinding

Called bruxism, clenching and grinding your teeth can lead to worn-down enamel and tiny cracks in the teeth, called crazing. It can also cause loose fillings and even broken teeth! You might grind out of habit, due to stress, or in your sleep. Headaches, sore molars, and a disgruntled sleeping partner are all signs that you might be grinding without realizing it. See your dentist about getting a mouthguard to save your teeth.

Using Your Teeth As Tools

Do you tear bags of chips, twist open bottles, and tear tags off of clothing with your teeth? The only thing your teeth should be used for is chewing; using them for other purposes puts you at risk for breakage and lost fillings. Try to make note of what you’re using your teeth for and find an actual tool to keep handy. For example, a small pair of scissors in your desk drawer or purse gives you something to use other than your teeth to open items, clip off a rough fingernail, or remove plastic tags before wearing a new sweater.

Can you think of any other bad dental habits that you might have? Talk to your dentist about ways to stop. If you are due for an appointment, give us a call today to schedule.