Common Problems With Dentures

If you have a partial or full denture plate or if you are planning on getting one soon, you’re probably happy with the way your smile looks. Dentures do take some time to get used to, however, so you might also have some issues that you’re less-than-happy about. Check out this list of common problems that people have with dentures.

Poor Adhesion

When you first get your dentures, you might feel like they’re slipping around. In some cases, you’re right: Your tongue and cheeks are working against you in that they aren’t used to having the dentures there and aren’t very happy to work with them. Once you get used to having them in your mouth, however, your cheek and tongue muscles will adapt and consider them part of your mouth. In the meantime, work on getting good at using your denture adhesive.


When your dentures are new, it’s common to have areas of irritation on the cheeks and gums. These can turn into painful sores. Unfortunately, this is often just something you need to get through as your mouth gets used to the dentures. You can use mouthwash designed to help heal sores, and your dentist might need to adjust the dentures slightly. Know that within a few weeks, the sores will be a thing of the past.

Chewing Difficulties

It can be hard to get used to chewing with dentures in place. Again, this is just something you will need to get used to. Using a good adhesive and sticking to soft foods at first will help. In time, you will be able to eat more foods and eating will feel normal.

Feeling Like They’re Too Big

Finally, it’s common to feel like your dentures are taking up too much room in your mouth. Remember that there is material to cover your gums and this can feel bulky. You will get used to it and, in time, you will feel as though the dentures are just part of your anatomy.

If you need dentures or you are having trouble with yours, give our office a call and we will see what we can do!