Back to School Dental Health Guide

The kids have been back to school for about a month now, and like most families, yours is probably into a good routine by now. While this routine likely includes time for homework, early morning wake-ups, and carefully timed bus stop appearances, it should also include time for a dental regimen that will keep your children’s teeth bright, shiny, and healthy. Here are some tips on taking care of your child’s dental health during the hectic days at the beginning of the school year.

Make Time for Morning Oral Hygiene

School mornings can be a bit chaotic, and it’s easy to let brushing slip off of your radar when the children are running around trying to get ready for the day. Have a specific time that your kids need to be brushing their teeth. Right after breakfast is good, of course, but if your kids eat breakfast in the car or at school, then have them brush before leaving the house. You can also send along a toothbrush for them to brush after eating, but realize that it’s unlikely that they will remember each day. Better to insist that teeth get brushed during the at-home morning routine.

Pack Tooth-Friendly Snacks and Lunches

If your kids don’t get school lunch, then it’s up to you to pack something nutritious that they’ll actually want to eat. Pack fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, other dairy products, lean meats, and whole grains. Avoid sugary or sticky foods that will sit on the teeth and potentially cause cavities.

If your children do get school lunch, find out whether they tend to be tooth-friendly. If not, pack a piece of fresh fruit or a raw veggie for your son or daughter to eat at the end of the meal. The friction alone will help remove debris from the teeth.

Buy a Mouthguard for After School Sports

Do your kids play sports? A mouthguard, either from the pharmacy or fabricated by your dentist, can keep his or her teeth safe from injury. Ask the dentist which type is best, depending on the sport that your child plays.

Don’t forget about scheduling dental checkups during the school year. Give us a call today to make an appointment for your child to have a checkup and cleaning. Remember, he or she should have two per year, so at least one will be during the time that school is in session!